For A Better World
for a better world

About the Strategy

Although a number of socially and environmentally responsible mutual funds are available in today’s market, diversification among them has been the only strategy offered by them so far to mitigate risk. For investors who saw the downside of using diversification as the sole risk management tool in the market crash of 2007-8, For A Better World is your answer. It adds weekly monitoring,active management, and reallocation as additional tools.

This actively-managed investment strategy uses a disciplined approach to aggressively select and monitor the equity and fixed income funds within the program’s portfolios.

Monitoring the performance of the available funds on an ongoing basis, Flexible Plan regularly screens and rotates the funds in each client’s portfolio to keep them invested in the qualifying funds with the leading performance, while avoiding laggards that can erode portfolio success.

For GIPS-compliant performance reports of the For A Better World strategy, please contact the Flexible Plan Investments Sales Department by sending an email to by or calling 800.347.3539, ext. 2.
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A list of all recommendations made within the immediately preceding twelve months is available upon written request.

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