For A Better World
for a better world

The Methodology

  • Flexible Plan utilizes short-term price trends to rank the available mutual funds, seeking to keep the portfolio invested in the market leaders, while avoiding those lagging behind.

  • Each investor’s account is maintained in their own name at an independent trust company custodian. These heavily-regulated institutions provide third-party verification and accounting of all client transactions, providing separate reporting to each account holder. In addition, every quarter, Flexible Plan provides each client with a personalized and indepth OnTarget account statement. This report tracks each client's progress toward their personal investment goals.

  • Available on Flexible Plan’s popular Strategic Solutions platform, For A Better World can be combined with up to seven other strategies to provide optimal strategic diversification in the client’s portfolio. The minimum account for investment in For A Better World is $5,000.

  • Advisors can access all required paperwork to set up For A Better World for their clients right on our website at
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